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Monday, 23 August 2010

building on foundations

I just rediscovered this article on the work we have been doing in Inverness over the last 4 years or so. It has been a tremendously important project for many and diverse people in that community - which has seen contemporary art and a culture of risk-taking reap tangible benefits in the confidence of the city to continue developing its own unique identity under the pressures of globalising 'sameness'.
With the last breath of financial freedom before the UK 'shut-down' we managed to secure funding for the preparation of an independent strategy to build on the foundations that IOTA has laid down and imagine an methodology for sustaining creative public activity as part of the ongoing make-up of the 'Capital of the Highlands'. The consultation work towards this strategy is currently being carried out by Sorcha Carey.
Reading over the Scotsman article I was struck by the optimism and dynamism possible in the language of a year ago...BUT artists always take risks, no matter what the prevailing socio-political climate...one of the risks we have to take now in Inverness is fighting to keep risk-taking on the agenda and not let all the amazing potential that has been built around IOTA disappear.

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