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Thursday, 5 August 2010

The marks of time

I have just been notified that my artwork Shinglehook has suffered fire damage - a big thank you to Dr Colin Bean for extinguishing the fire (see below)
 ....it makes for an interesting discussion about what exactly is the 'art' here. Shinglehook was conceived as a meditation on the slowly evolving natural processes that are shaping the landcape around St Mary's Loch - as such I was building a 'structure' that had the character of something that set out to last a long time in that landscape (so that it could 'watch' these long term processes). I had anticipated the affects of weather - including the fact that the site itself was constantly shifting due to wind and water. I had not thought about fire though...it seems that that the vegetation around the artwork caught fire after a long dry spell.
I am very happy that (aided by Dr Bean) the oak proved sturdy enough to only be burned in one small section and that Shinglehook now proudly wears this new scar from the rigours of it's environment.

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