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Friday, 17 December 2010

an erratic arrival in Stranraer

There are many strange ways that art happens - previously in the square around the Castle of St John in Stranraer was a mock 'wishing well' that was built as a charity collection 'box' in the 1980s. At an early stage of the project to re-design the public spaces around the castle it was proposed that the wishing well be removed, The Rotary Club objected to this because the well did collect significant funds. So the idea of an 'artist designed charity collection box' was born....my good friend David Ralston was chosen for the commission. I have been working on the overall scheme with architect Rachel Simmonds and David was involved in discussions about the themes that Rachel and I were working with.

Yesterday David's version of a charity collection box arrived on site
The obligatory 'discussions and speculations' about the new arrival    
Positioning 3 tonnes of granite boulder
David Ralston - far right (in natty orange hi-vis)

The artwork was conceived as an erratic, as such it needs to sit somewhat randomly in relation to other features in the Square. David was also working with ideas of magical or significant stones and came up with the brass rings as a reference to the 'sword in the stone' etc.
The coin collector - coins drop through metal resonators and make a pleasing sound falling through the rock...hopefully children will enjoy this

I'm hopeful about the way the rock sits in relationship with the castle  
 Nice one David..

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