Research Topics and Speculation about Art and Public Space by Scottish artist Matt Baker

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Govan Parliament

On Saturday 31st March about 100 folk gathered on a mound by the Clyde at Govan to honour this  ancient place of assembly. More than 2000 years ago people built a giant earthwork (known as Doomster Hill) by the river - a hill that was to become the parliament hill of the kingdom of Strathclyde for 200 years around the year 1000AD.
The ceremony was part of the Govan Together event 'Seeds for the Future'. It was conceived and led by Matt Baker and Tam McGarvey and the 2000 year timeline read on the mound was written by Tim Clarkson and Matt Baker.  (this timeline is available as a series of posts on the AboutUsWithoutUs blog)
Event management was by Fablevision Studios on behalf of Govan Together

Processing from the Pearce Institute to the mound in the Riverside Housing Scheme (far right is John 'Jack' Sweeney - former Trades Union activist and carrier of the Govan stone for the Scottish Democracy Cairn )
Marchers arrive at the mound and the firebasket lit by the GalGael - Riverside Museum and Tallship in the background
Assembled around the fire

The public gallery - Riverside housing
Reading the timeline - centre (holding paper) Tam McGarvey and Brian McQuade (eminent Govan historian and 2012 Olympic torch bearer), also holding paper = Gehan MacLeod and on her left Allan and Ricco of the GalGael
Enjoying the fire
photos by Ben Rush