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Friday, 3 August 2012

Rushes from The Big Launch

Somewhat sheepish about this picture - but it does have a nice sense of the atmosphere of the day. This is me with one of the three parts of my artwork Asssembly
The Big Launch was a wonderful day in Sunny Govan - there was a terrific turn out and it seemed obvious to everyone that Govan really had something to show off to the rest of the world - very proud to be a part of that!
Folk gathering for opening speeches
I'm forever saying that these moments are not endpoints but rather that the physical sculptures should be seen as tools for continuing the momentum of change and growth in a place. One lovely example of this was Julie and Frank of www.thingsites.com came all the way from Orkney for the Big Launch - they are involved with a European project working with the historical importance of Viking places of assembly ('things' or 'tings' ....depending who you talk to). They would like to see Govan's Doomster Hill included in the next phase of their project.....watch this space!

There are more images from the memorable Big Launch day in Govan at the Water Row site - here