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Friday, 19 September 2014

Movements of Affirmation - Yes

Yesterday the people of Scotland voted against the proposition that Scotland should become an independent country by 55% to 45%.....but the campaign became about something much bigger that that - it became about the foundations of our democracy and about the way we respect each other as equals and respect the planet we all share

Right this moment I feel heartbroken, angry and so very sad that the future I hoped we could offer to our young people will now be harder to achieve. But I am so grateful that over the last 3 years I have had the most inspirational and empowering time of my life I am grateful and proud to be part of a movement that can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings.

This is our movement – we feel it deep in our souls and we love it. It is like being in a band with everyone riffing off each other, ideas grow from what seems like nowhere – each is shared, re-shaped and added to. We build and we believe. 

At the core of the Yes movement is the unshakeable confidence we each have in each other that self-interest is not what is driving this. The Yes movement is built on generosity of spirit and equality of opportunity. We are bringing into being a world that we want to live in – not one that has been made for us that we have no choice but to accept.

There is no need to say ‘we must carry on’ – we are carrying on because we are people and we are still alive – we are the movement. This is not just about a political campaign – a political campaign has been an opportunity that allowed us to shape ideas and beliefs together and share them with others. We will continue our movement in everything we do…everything we say….everything we agree with or disagree with.

We also now have a network in place – a means of contacting each other and making consensus built on honouring our diversity. In itself this is a world changing achievement, one that not just imagines but IS an alternative to the power structures that govern our world just now. I look forward to continuing to negotiate with those structures about the inevitable transition.

I also can't wait to continue to expand Yes outside of Scotland.....#justthebeginning

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