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Monday, 13 February 2012

Naming the Walkway

Through my research period in Govan I met Ethel-May Abel, she is the River Planner for Glasgow (see notes from my first meeting with Ethel-May - here). When looking at maps of the area it became clear that there is no official name for the section of walkway along the Clyde adjacent to the Riverside housing estate. Ethel-May made enquiries and was able to get permission for Riverside Residents to choose a new name for this walkway.....this process is fully underway just now:

Young people from Riverside marching down the 'walkway to be named' with the carving they repatriated from the new Riverside Museum during The Govan Raid
This invitation and supporting document was delivered to every household in Govan Riverside in December 2011:


By the end of January 8 different suggestions had been put forward and the letter below was delivered to residents inviting them  to now vote for their favourite name:

Voting has been brisk and we hope to be able to announce the final result on February 29th

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