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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

NothingAboutUs - discussed

The dust is beginning to settle after the intense effort of my project with ts Beall (and another 20 or so artists, community groups, organisations and institutions) for the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art. The project was called Nothing About Us Without Us Is For Us - there is extensive work-in-progress coverage of this multifaceted project at our blog - here. More than 1000 people took part in the project in one form or another and we have had great feedback from people - just yesterday I met an academic colleague who had come to our main event on 28th April - she remarked that everyone who she encountered in Govan that day felt that it was 'their project'.

Crossing The Clyde - Nothing About Us Without Us Is For Us  photo Tom Manley
The catalyst for this blogpost was  Glasgow writer and photographer Tom Manley writing a very thoughtful and perceptive piece about GI and Glasgow (for Artists Newsletter) - he uses NothingAboutUs and Jeremy Deller's Sacrilege as a means to discuss the wider role of an art festival within the city. Link to the article is - here

We were taken aback and really heartened by the media coverage of NothingAboutUs generally - you can find a selection of the coverage - here
Often some of the most remarkable results come from the most unexpected sources - it looks as if one of the enduring legacies from NothingAboutUs may come in form of a popular movement against the Glasgow City Council plan to place a carpark at Water Row - right in the centre of historic Govan. This movement began during the course of our film evening 'Some Questions About Govan ....In Honour of George Wyllie' - more here. Things are moving apace on this front now - watch this space and the Glorious Govan facebook page