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Monday, 20 September 2010

Installing with the village

Last week was a big one for the New Luce project - the long planned installation of the final 2 sculptures in the set of four. Very quickly at New Luce I learned to trust in the ingenuity and independence of the local community...they were able to 'make happen' pretty much whatever we dreamt up through the art project. The last meeting to discuss the installation of the 2 bridge pieces went along the lines of - 'you just bring the sculptures and we'll do the rest' .....

I loaded up the two sculptures at the studio and headed up the A75 (thanks to David Ralston for the loan of his trailer):
Arriving at New Luce I was met by 3 farmers and their kit
Discussions were conducted about the preferred methods of constructing concrete bases
 left to right - Nigel Forster, Alec McClelland and Dougie McClelland (rear aspect)
The complete shuttering and reinforcement ready for concrete to be poured
The following day attention shifted to the big machines - Nigel Forster working with his Matbro
 photo Adam Lee
Checking the alignement of the pin sockets cast in the concrete
photo Adam Lee
Final lift
  photo Adam Lee
Grinding back fixings
   photo Adam Lee
Silhouette of a beautiful evening
  photo Adam Lee

Thanks to everyone -especially Nigel, Adam, Alec, Dougie and Bobby for another memorable 3 days.

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