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Saturday 30 July 2011

Rushes from the Raid

These are a few quick camera-phone impressions from what turned out to b a memorable day on both sides of the water in Govan. A more considered record of the event will follow soon.
Some of these photos are courtesy of artist t s Beall who joined us on the raid. Tara was part of the group behind 'A stones throw away' in 2010 - this project included the Govan Beacon which sent messages via morse code and Twitter....the Beacon came back to life for the Raid yesterday and is a part of the longer-term artworks plan for the area.

Declaration in a Govan window

Vikings march down Govan Road

Vikings, Pirates and others congregate at the top of Water Row
Marching on the ferry

in negotiation with the ferry - community activist Helen Kyle and myself

Vikings load their children on the ferry
Boarding the ferry
The GalGael Trust joined us in the crossing rowing one of the traditional Birlinn boats that they build as part of their work
Nearing the Riverside Museum
Our flags proudly raised at the new Museum (for imagery on the flags see here)
Last minute briefings before entering the museum

Raiders in the Museum

Repatriating the disputed 'model of Govan Ferry' from the Riverside Museum
Weary Raiders homeward bound having won the day
The end of the day - our flags flying on both side of the river....a small piece in the re-unification of Govan....such a shame that you cannot hear the church bells ringing from Govan Kirk at the moment this photo was taken - it was emotional

Thanks to everyone for a fantastic day....I'm looking forward to what grows from this and what we can achieve next.

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