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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Inverness Recognised

Today's Scotsman newspaper carries a feature by Susan Mansfield that declares Inverness 'home to some of the most interesting Public Art projects in Scotland'. This is just brilliant to see colleagues and friends getting due recognition for their work....often working outside the Central Belt of Scotland it is easy to feel that you are invisible, but you just keep your head down and keep telling yourself that the 'here and now' is what is important. And so it is - but it is still very welcome to have some light shone on projects from afar.

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It is particularly good to see Susan Christie getting credit for the work she has done in Inverness. 4 years ago Susan and I created the organisation IOTA (which is the subject of the article) and ran it together as Lead Artist and Director until my role in Inverness came to an end  in mid 2010. IOTA has been successful in getting 3 years core funding from the Highland Council and Susan is now really hitting her stride as an innovative contemporary curator with a City as her canvas.

Information about IOTA can be found here 

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