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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Film Day in Govan

September 16th saw another wonderfully moving day in Govan Riverside - this was the programme for the day:
As it was such a long programme I was expecting that folk would likely come and go over the day, but as it was the vast majority of the 40-50 people who attended stayed through the whole day. Seen as a whole it was a hypnotic progression through Govan's 'Two periods of greatness (thats two more than most places)' (Prof. Steve Driscoll) and then into the Govan Banners - which underpinned everything with the solidarity and ambition of working people. The whole day was rounded of with the premiere of Jamie Dempster's film of the Govan Raid which gave a contemporary twist on all the themes raised over the day - and also raised a chuckle.
By the end of the day we all felt as is we had been on a long and important voyage through time and place together - thanks to the Riverside Halls for their excellent hospitality and to the community of Govan for once again rising to the occasion with perfect pitch.

The Govan Ferry decked out with the flags from the Govan Raid for the day - photo Tom Manley
Soprano Fiona Wilkie (from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) singing 'Ae Fond Kiss' for passengers on the Govan Ferry
Ingrid Shearer speaking about Govan during the time that it was home to the Kings of Strathclyde

A break between films - the flags from the Govan Raid hung around the Riverside Halls. Tam McGarvey of the GalGael Trust in foreground

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