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Monday, 13 September 2010

New Luce welcomes one and all

It is now 18 months since I was commissioned (with my assistant Jo Warner) by the village of New Luce to develop an artwork project with local people and the landscape.
It has been a truly wonderful experience – Jo and I feel very privileged to have entered into village life so fully and confirmed once again that ‘wherever you are is the centre of the world’.  The project has been all about ‘process’ and so it seems wrong to talk of completion, but 25th September sees the public launch of the 4 new sculptural installations and a variety of activities laid on by local people.
The village would like to welcome everyone to come and be part of the day

2.30    Wine and cheese Reception - New Luce Memorial Hall
3.00    Formal opening by Rt. Hon Alex Fergusson, Presiding Officer,
           Scottish Parliament
3.20    Guided tour of artworks – (outdoor clothes & walking shoes)
4.15    Poetry, fiction, film - Kenmuir Arms, New Luce
           Music by Galloway Small Circle - Kenmuir Arms, New Luce
8.30   ‘Life O’Reilly’ gig (GaelForce event) - Kenmuir Arms, New Luce

Project Background
New Luce is located in the remote Southern Uplands between Stranraer and Barrhill. There are several large windfarms near the village and local people can apply to the generating company for funding to undertake projects that will benefit the community. A few residents had the idea to bring a contemporary artist to the village and set about convincing the rest of the villagers that this could be a good idea. With this mandate secured, the project group worked with DGAA to select an artist. In May 2009, I was commissioned along with fellow artist Jo Warner, initially to spend 6 months researching the area; this work resulted in a 20 minute film that was premiered in a packed Kenmuir Arms in November 2009. We also presented concept ideas for 4 sculptural installations to be installed in and around the village. Since November, we have been working with the village to bring these ideas to reality

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