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Monday, 13 September 2010

One of those Highland nights

As the audience quickly filled the upper room of 13 Church St on Saturday it became very clear that this was going to be another of those special Highland nights where chance, quality, hospitality and place come together to weave a magic. In the audience was the wide extended family of 'art in public' in Inverness and the Highlands who had come to hear talks by Sans façon and Walker and Bromwich two of the hottest pairs of contemporary British artists working in public space. This was the kind of line-up that one could easily pay big money to see in a conference venue down south and here we were enjoying the hospitality arranged by Lindsay Dunbar in the attic room above ICA magazine in Inverness.

After two inspiring and entertaining talks we all emerged onto the street to encounter San façon's project Limelight (Inverness is one of the 10 cities the project is visiting as part of a world tour financed by Arlington, Virginia). The project inspires a strange desire for your city to demonstrate that it had madder inhabitants than anywhere else and Sans façon were interested to record that Inverness was the only place so far where people were inspired to do press-ups in the spotlight?!

                                            Limelight Inverness 11.09.10

Moving further down Church street we were met by an impromptu outdoor cinema set up by John McGeoch where a beautiful film record of the street art event Re-Imagining the Centre was premiered in one of the exact spaces where part of the event had taken place.
Definitely one of those nights! (ending with whisky with Sans façon at 2.30am)

Thanks to everyone involved...if anyone would like a copy of the Re-Imagining film then they are available from IOTA

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